In 2018, I released three contemporary romances with Harlequin Heartwarming. See, here they are...

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I got a real kick out of telling the stories of the two brothers and sister that make up the Greene Family. And I wasn't the only one. Coming Home to You  was made into a film in August 2019!

I'm currently at work on two projects: The Montgomery Sisters of Spirit Lake (MSSS) and my Russian novel with the working title of The Tsar's Little Angel.

Status of MSSS: Book One, All They Want for Christmas, is scheduled for release September 2020. It is currently in the revision stage.

Book Two, Krista's story (Untitled), will be roughly plotted by mid-March and the writing begun.

Book Three, Mara's story (Untitled), is a dark blob in my imagination.



Status of The Tsar's Little Angel: Under revisions which I hope to complete by June. 

My research on Russia is tricky given I don't speak a word of the motherland tongue. But I'm managing. And the stuff I'm learning about samovars, vodka, lords and their peasants, versts, surgical kits...well, the true test of knowing a subject is being able to tell others about it. So I decided to blog all about the crazy, paradoxical Russians.


And I drop in excerpts from my work in progress, so you get the story behind the story.