In 2018, I released three contemporary romances with Harlequin Heartwarming. See, here they are...

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Coming Home to You _Stelmack.jpg

I got a real kick out of telling the stories of the two brothers and sister that make up the Greene Family. And I wasn't the only one. Coming Home to You is set to go into movie production in the summer of 2019!


But after I finished them, a yawning gap opened before me, and up rose my long-time-ago story about an assassin who came to imperial Russia to knock off Tsar Alexander I. Standing in her way is the man she loves who, unfortunately for her, is a loyal captain in the imperial guard. I banged out a first draft, a substantial 90.000 words.

However, five years later, my second 'first' draft has swelled to nearly 140, 000  words. Yikes! Time to put this baby on a 20, 000 word diet. My research on Russia is tricky given I don't speak a word of the motherland tongue. But I'm managing. And the stuff I'm learning about samovars, vodka, lords and their peasants, versts, surgical kits...well, the true test of knowing a subject is being able to tell others about it. So I decided to blog all about the crazy, paradoxical Russians.


And I drop in excerpts from my work in progress, so you get the story behind the story.